Friday, January 23, 2009

A guide to my Acronyms

Because the non-rocketry geeks about there have been complaining about how hard my blog is to read, here's a guide to all the acronyms I use.

If you're looking for the NAR motor code, it's here.

3FNC: 3 Fins and a Nose Cone; plain-jane, boring rockets.
AGL: Above Ground Level; the altitude a flight achieves above the actual ground level rather than sea level.
ARF: Almost Ready to Fly; kits that require minimal assembly like attaching the parachute and nose cone to the shock cord.
BAFTE: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; the gov't organization who have improperly and incorrectly specified rocket motors as explosives.
BNC: Balsa Nose Cone
BT: Body Tube; usually used with a number afterwards to indicate size.
CA: Cyanoacrylate - superglue
CAR: Canadian Assocation of Rocketry; the Canadian version of the NAR.
CATO: any number of similar expressions meaning Catastrophe At Take Off; also the name of the local rocket club to which I belong.
CHAD: CHeap and Dirty staging: having the booster motor attached without a booster stage; usually used to give more altitude for normally-single-staged rockets.
E2X: Easy To Construct; Estes kits that don't require gluing balsa but do require a bit of assembly.
EGE: Me, the Evil Genius Extraordinaire.
EGEEA: The EGE's Esteemed Assistant; my very geeky younger cousin.
EMRR: Essence's Model Rocket Reviews; the premier rocketry review site on teh interwebs.
GBU: Guided Bomb Unit; I have a scale model of the GBU-24.
GSE: Ground Support Equipment. This includes your launch pad, set of launch rod(s), ignition system, and if needed a separate battery. Easy to cheaply make, but a good set is essential.
HPR: High-Power Rocketry; from H to O motors, and beyond.
IT: Intra-Terrestrial; my MMX saucer.
LPR: Low-Power Rocketry; usually means from A to E motors, but can include up to G
METRA: The NY-area TRA club that flies at Pine Island.
MMT: Motor MounT; the thing that holds the motor inside the rocket.
MMX: MicroMaxX; 6mm micro motors made by Quest.
MPR: Mid-Power Rocketry; usually from E to G motors.
NAR: National Association of Rocketry; the major rocketry organization in the US.
NC: Nose Cone
Ns: Newton-second; a unit of thrust equal to 0.225 pounds-seconds.
OV10: My new rocket glider, named after the OV-10 Bronco.
PNC: Plastic Nose Cone
QC: Questionable Content; a webcomic I read.
RTF: Ready To Fly; kits that come preassembled. Most are actually ARF.
SPEV: Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle. Rockets made out of scrap just to use up the scrap. This is stuff like Rokit, Frankenstein, IT, my 18mm and 24mm saucers, and my soon-to-be-made Orbital Transport.
TRA: Tripoli Rocketry Association; the major HPR organization in the US.
WAC Corporal: an old sounding rocket which I plan to make a scale model of. WAC either is in honor of the Women's Air Corps or stands for Without Attitude Control as it had no active stability; merely 3 fins.
XKCD: Another webcomic I read; it's not an acronym but simply 'a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of four-character strings.'


R2K said...

Is it ARF or ARTF?

The EGE said...

ARF is usually something used for RC planes to describe a kit where the functional components are all preassembled rather than being made yourself, but you still must take 15 minutes to attach the parts together. For example, mine required attaching the wing and tail with a few screws, but not to assemble the wing from wood and tissue. I've never seen is as ARTF, but there's no reason why it couldn't be spelled that way.