Thursday, January 1, 2009


For some reason, I can't get to certain web sites sometimes. Browser and computer don't seem to matter - IE and Chrome both do it, as do HP and Dell notebooks. All are Vista, though, so I'll have to test Linux once I get the other laptop running. It's only some of the time, but it's really annoying. There's no rhyme or reason as to the times when it happens. I'm beginning to suspect the problem might be the ever-annoying Comcast, my ISP.
Sites affected include:
The NAR website
The NetHack website
The SLASH'EM website
Try them, see if they work, leave a comment, including your state and ISP. Especially if you use Comcast or live near CT. Thanks.

Update 1/2: Comcast apparently has been violating Net Neutrality - treating all internet traffic equally - by quietly disrupting uploads - even legal ones - from services like BitTorrent. Worse, they pointedly denied it even while still doing it. Although I doubt this specific thing is the source of the problem for me, I'm very suspicious now, since because Comcast has shown itself to have no ethics there's no telling what they'd do. In addition, still thinks Chrome is inferior to IE6, IE7, and Safari over 3 months after Chrome came out.
The EFF's report on Comcast
An AP report on Comcast's activities

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The EGE said...

As of 7:08 pm EST Jan 3 (12:08 AM GMT Jan 4th) I can now access the nAR and Apogee pages, which appear to have had seperate outages, but not the other 3.