Thursday, January 1, 2009


Crazy rockets contest. Try to build any of the tricky rockets and I'll find some cool prize for you. To my knowledge, none of these have been done before.
  • 18mm Machbuster. I haven't launched mine yet, so give it a try. I'd recommend the Aerotech D21-7 unless can can find an old E25-7 or F55-whatever. Don't try a D24 reload unless you've got multiple trackers with binoculars and a square mile of desert or you like losing 30-buck reload casings.

  • Rama. If you recall, my 18mm Rama model was unstable without fins. (It's currently waiting for a new motor mount and has clear fins.) You could use a canted clustered motor mount to spin the rocket, use a complicated spinning launcher, use a motor and spinning weight inside, or use a spinning booster. There may be non-spinning ways. The only limitations are that it must actually fly, have a 1:2.5 width/length ratio, and have no external fins.

  • Stage to a MMX motor, either from a 13mm (OOP) or 18mm booster or from a MMX motor with the end cap and delay removed. I tried this once with an unmodified MMX booster, but the upper stage failed to ignite.

  • Fly a boost glider with a rubber-band-powered propeller on the glider. I tried this once, but the pop-pod-attachment-hook failed and the powered glider went nowhere.

  • Fly a model of Serenity, with or without fins. My version failed, but I rebuilt, painted, and fully greebled it and gave it to a Serenity-obsessed friend for Christmas.

  • Ignite 2 upper stage motors simultaneously with a single lover-stage motor. I'd recommend D12-0 to A3-4T. Either a clustered sustainer or 2 separating sustainers are fine.

  • Any of the oddball recovery schemes (except UFO) in the next post.

A static photo and basic flight summary for any is fine. Either post in a comment or email me using the link at bottom.
Good luck!

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mandachan said...

i think i'm gonna stick to paper airplanes and snowballs, thankyouverymuch.
(*snicker* the word verification is 'kitten'. bet they didn't do that on purpose)