Sunday, January 4, 2009

CATO pictures

I finally got around to hunting down my pictures from CATO last year. The original post is here.

Here's me putting my Cloud Hopper and Cohete on the pads. The other guy is Rick Bradshaw.

A good-looking rack of rockets. From L-->R: An Estes Der Red Max, a Quest Seeker, my Mongoose, an unidentified rocket, an Estes Interceptor, an Estes Baby Bertha, and a SPEV (Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle).

A couple of Al Gloer's MPR rockets.

Al Gloer, Rick, and Gary Tortora set up an unidentified rocket. The gold saucer on the left is Al's on a G79, on the right is Gary's ill-fated Mini Mad Dog.


An unidentified rocket nicely under its 'chute.


My Astron Invader on a C6-3. At 30 feet, it's already beginning to loop.


Here's my Mongoose at the moment of ignition.

Mongoose right after ejection with streamer out but not unfolded. Click on any of the images to embiggen them.


Someone's Baby Bertha lifting off.


Someone's Der Red Max at liftoff.


An unidentified rocket at liftoff, mometns before it tipped over and crashed.

Lovely muddy jeans.

Thanks to 'Nate-n-Annie' for their guide to uploading lots of pictures from Picasa: It's here.

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mandachan said...

and yet you were the one yelling at me for posting a picture of me on my blog.

The EGE said...

Oh, shut up. It's one oblique side view of me and a heck of a lot of mud on my genes. I don't think you can get a lot out of that.

mandachan said...

you can't get much out of my butt shot, either!