Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Balsa Nose Cones!

I've been working on turning balsa nose cones with a hand drill and sandpaper. I cut chunks of hard 1/4" balsa (given to me by the EGEEA (Evil Genius Extraordinaire's Esteemed Assistant)), glue them together with CA, then drill a hole, stick in a dowel or metal rod, spin on the drill, and sand. I've turned a 13mm cone, an 18mm ogive, and a 24mm parabola. The 18mm and 24mm nose cones will be used on my semi-clone of the Astron Orbital Transport, while the 13mm cone is for a scale model of the WAC Corporal / Tiny Tim as featured in the latest NAR guidebook.

The shoulders showing the holes in the larger cones for a 3/8" metal rod I used and the 1/4" dowel in the 13mm cone.


A top view of the cones. Note how the 24mm cone is not quite symmetrical. Oh well...


See! The 18mm and 24mm cones actually fit in their tubes. I don't have a 13mm tube right now.
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